Garden Walls

Garden WallsGarden walls can serve a vast variety of purposes including forming a barrier or divider, adding to home security or purely ornamental. Garden walls can be constructed using a number of different materials, including stone, brick and concrete.

As well as being designed and built according to your needs, DS Landscape and maintenance can build your wall to suit the shape and size of your garden, as well as your individual requirements.

We can repoint your garden walls to prevent further damage if they need it. Garden walls are a nice touch to add to your garden, or even the outside of your home You can build a garden wall to frame the edge of your garden or to give an added touch to the look of your home or even to separate areas to put in plants or shrubs.

Beautiful Garden Walls

Beautiful brick garden walls are a quick and easy way to add a neat and tidy feel to any garden or outside area. DS Landscapes will ask you what you want built, and advise you on what bricks that would be best suited for project. The thing about walls is that once you have it built it’s going to stay there, adding to the good look of your garden for a long time so it’s best to make sure you get what suits your needs.

Some people are opting for Living green walls these are a sure fire way to enhance a building’s visuals. Over the past half century, a notable increase of urban-living has led to a considerable increase in air pollution and loss of lots of green spaces. So a Living green wall is a wonderful solution for any type of property interested that wishes to improve their air space with the intrinsic benefits of nature.

Garden Walls and Trees